MedTreds® are mid-calf length socks imprinted on a single side with a slip-resistant sole for security and safety. These socks are made of soft, breathable terrycloth, latex free and are machine washable for multiple uses. MedTreds offers several sock colors in Child and Adult sizes.

Single Imprint – 48 pair/case

Item # Size Sock Color Ink Color
7143 Child 8-4 1/2 Yellow White
7142 Child 8-4 1/2 Royal Blue White
7141 Child 8-4 1/2 Red Black
7133 Adult-OneSizeFitsMost Yellow White
7130 Adult-OneSizeFitsMost Tan White
7129 Adult-OneSizeFitsMost Gray White
7128 Adult-OneSizeFitsMost Green White
7126 Adult-OneSizeFitsMost Teal White
7125 Adult-OneSizeFitsMost Red Black
7124 Adult-OneSizeFitsMost White Dark Blue
7123 Adult-OneSizeFitsMost Wine Gray
7121 Adult-OneSizeFitsMost Royal Blue White

Komfort Kuff™ – Standard on all Terries

The Komfort Kuff is a standard feature of all Pillow Paws Slipper Socks and is significantly less restrictive than cuffs on other brands of patient footwear. The Komfort Kuff reduces instances of bruising and decreased blood flow around the cuff of the sock and enhances patient comfort.