Double and Single Imprint Terries Slipper Socks

Color Code by Medical Condition

Pillow Paws standardized, Risk Alert® color-coded patient footwear follows and endorses the “Arizona Standard.” This important initiative pairs medical conditions to color codes, and promotes the identification of patients with special needs. Eliminate confusion among staff members, by adopting the suggested “Arizona Standard” color-coding system: Yellow for fall alert, Purple for DNR and Red for allergy alert.

Utilize Terries Slipper Socks to protect patients from slips and falls. Focus on at-risk patients with Single- and Double-Imprint Pillow Paws Risk Alert Color Coding Slippers.

Fear is prevalent among patients returning to their feet. Our Pillow Paws Risk Alert Double-Imprint line of patient footwear assures that the slip-resistant tread is always in contact with the walking surface. This assurance helps get your patients back on their feet with confidence.

Komfort Kuff™ – Standard on all Terries

Significantly less restrictive, reducing the instance of bruising and decreased blood flow around the closure.