360° Imprint Terries Slipper Socks

Color Coded by Medical Condition

Our Pillow Paws® Risk Alert® Terries™ Slipper Socks follow the “Arizona Standard” for color-coding patient conditions. The color red alerts caregivers to consult the patient’s chart for information relating to an allergic condition. Our red slippers come in a wide range of sizes in the 360° imprint.
48 pair/case.

360° Imprint

Item Size
#3943-001 Child/Youth 8-4½
#3923-001 Adult 5-7
#3811-001 XL Adult 7½-10
#3802-001 XXL Adult 10½+
#3807-001 XXXL Adult Bariatric

Komfort Kuff™ – Standard on all Terries

The Komfort Kuff is a standard feature of all Pillow Paws Slipper Socks and is significantly less restrictive than cuffs on other brands of patient footwear. The Komfort Kuff reduces instances of bruising and decreased blood flow around the cuff of the sock and enhances patient comfort.